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このページは予告なく変更・削除される場合があります。 20210813

I may not be able to accept requests from people who are too particular about it.
In principle, it is not possible to change the design after confirming the mockup.
For remakes after confirming the embroidery data, the amount will be charged according to the work.
Make a plush that fits the pattern.
You cannot change its physique.
It may be difficult to reproduce a character with a fine pattern in the middle of the back due to a production problem of inserting bones from the back.
Cancellation after payment is not accepted.
If you do not receive a reply from us during production for more than 2 weeks, I will give priority to another person's request even if it is not completed.
If you do not receive a reply for more than one month after completion, the stuffed animal will be disposed of. (Or transfer to another person)
Currently payment is only one-time payment.
The person who made the request agrees to the contents written on this page.


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